about us

After 25 years of freelance presenting and producing for BBC Radio, I now run my own audio production company, SOUNDS NATURAL.

As well as producing and publishing nearly 150 CD and audio cassette titles on WILDLIFE, COUNTRYSIDE, NATURE, HERITAGE, DRAMA and POETRY, several of which can have the optional extra of accompanying 35 mm transparencies, for the last twelve years I have been working extensively on on-site AUDIO TOUR INTERPRETATION producing over 200 audio tours at over 100 sites.

We are especially proud of our interview-type productions ....

These include tours for disabled people (visual impairment, hearing impairment, and for those with learning difficulties). We have also produced many foreign language versions, and tours for young people. For example, SOUNDS NATURAL is responsible for all of the 33 tours on the Royal Yacht Britannia.

SOUNDS NATURAL would work very closely with you at every stage to provide the tour(s) that you want.

We can now suggest different sorts of HARDWARE. Including a revolutionary new form of listening post that requires no power unit and is ideal for providing up to 35 minutes of wildlife sounds in the countryside.

THE SOFTWARE, that’s the audio production, can vary enormously. Sometimes clients wish to write the scripts themselves from which we undertake the voicing and production. Also, we can supply fully scripted studio-voiced tours. A very popular version is the tour using INTERVIEW techniques, in which your own experts are interviewed by Sounds Natural and a tour is built around their interviews. They are popular with the staff as it is their tour and the enthusiasm they instil is very evident. Sound effects, music, story-telling and brief dramatisatíons are used as expedient. Apart from full audio tours, short pieces can be produced to be heard by all visitors, by either pressing a button, or by triggering a beam, and ambient sounds are available as a background to exhibits.

We are especially proud of our interview-type productions - which are not generally offered by other production companies – and that our tours and other audio work are done in total harmony with our clients . . . . and last but not least that our prices are very competitive.

Sounds Natural, based in the UK specialises in producing wildlife audio. Ken Jackson has drawn on 25 years of experience working for BBC Radio to create relaxing and competitively priced audio productions featuring the soothing sounds of the British countryside.