UK Heritage and Wildlife Audio Tours

The main part of our made-to-measure audio tours, for which you tell us what you want, is comprised of on-site heritage and wildlife audio tours for heritage and wildlife sites and providing wildlife audio sounds for visual displays. We have done some 200 audio tours, with Ken Jackson producing, and part-presenting, a wide range, which includes disability and foreign language tours, as well as main and children's productions.


English/Scottish main and children's tours involve the extensive range of radio-experienced 'Oxford/Galloway Sound' voices we have available as an in-house group, while foreign language tours are voiced - and translated – by native speakers in whatever languages are involved.

Our heritage and wildlife audio tours can be fully scripted and voiced in the studio, or make use of our specialist interview tour technique, in which we involve your experts/staff, with on-site interviews to provide the main body of the tour. These have the advantage of providing the knowledge and enthusiasm of the people who know the subject best... and they're less expensive than a fully scripted, studio based tour!


We can put you in touch with a wide range of hardware manufacturers and suppliers and will advise which would be best suited for your needs, from audio cassettes to portable CDs and random access wands. We use only the best equipment to produce our wildlife audio tours.


But even if you do not have a tourist attraction that you wish to be interpreted by Sounds Natural, our made-to-measure service could be for you. Tell us what kind of heritage and wildlife audio tours you want, we'll tell you how much it will cost and how best to do it.