On this page you'll find a list of the UK Wildlife Audio Visual Material that we stock.
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SNVC 1    Highland Harmonies  
87 minutes of Scottish wildlife and wonderful scenery, with over 70 bird species and many other close-ups of fauna and flora.  Habitats covered are sea, lochs and rivers, forests and the high tops.  Filmed by Lord Dulverton mostly in Speyside, but also near Fort William.

Also available in video.


DVD   £15.00
p&p  £1.00

woodmen of the wild

SNVC 2   The Woodmen and the Wild 
Filmed, again by Lord Dulverton, in Gloucestershire and shows the interdependence of foresters and naturalists in the management and cropping of woodland.  It shows excellent shots of the many birds, beasts and plants living alongside the work which has to be done by the foresters.  It lasts for 34 minutes and is produced in association with the Royal Forestry Society.

Also availble in video.


DVD £15.00

p&p  £1.00

 livingchurchyard.jpg SNVC 865   The Living Churchyard
A video transfer of a 60 transparency slide/tape production, which explores a typical country churchyard, with Franklyn Perring and Ken Jackson finding features of wildlife interest and discussing sympathetic management of the great variety of habitats present.  The production also features Eve Dennis, who used to work with the National Curch and Conservation Project, talking about some of the technical aspects of management. 
Also available as a separate audio cassette or as a slide set, please contact us for more details.
SN 865

Video £15.00

including p&p

 Pheasants.jpg SNVC 864   Pheasants and Related Birds
A video transfer of an 80 transparency slide/tape production in co-operation with the World Pheasant Association, recorded at their headquarters in Berkshire, where there is a large collection of many species of Galliformes from all over the World - Curassows, Grouse, Ptarmigans, Quails, Partridge, Pheasants, Guineafowls and Turkeys.
Also available as a separate audio cassette or as a slide set, please contact us for more details.


Video  £15.00

including p&p

We also still have a wide range of wildlife 35mm images and slide sets.  Phone 01557 339000 for details.
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