Relaxing British Birdsong

It's not only those who want to unwind who can enjoy the products. Bird enthusiasts also use the items to increase their birdsong identification skills. Let's take a look at why those sounds have become so attractive in modern times.

People have been fascinated with birdsong for hundreds of years. That was illustrated in Ralph Vaughan Williams' musical work. One of his most famous creations was inspired by George Meredith poem called "The Lark Ascending." It related to the song of the skylark and stunned classical British listeners. The pastoral romance for orchestra fast became one of the most famous musical works of the time and coincided with the start of the Great War. Some reports claim military personnel would listen to recordings while relaxing between shifts.

John Keats mentioned the birdsong in his seminal 1819 work Ode to a Nightingale. Samuel Taylor Coleridge followed suit in 1798 when he wrote:

"And hark! The Nightingale begins its song. Most musical, most melancholy bird. So his song should never make all nature lovelier, and itself to be loved like nature."

Even William Wordsworth wrote about the skylark's babbling song in his verse "To a Skylark" in 1805.

You might think that happened because the peace sounded somewhat tranquil. However, scientists have since discovered the actual benefits of birdsong. One expert wrote:

"People find birdsong relaxing and reassuring because they have learnt when the birds sing they are safe. It's when birds stop singing that people need to worry. Birdsong is also nature's alarm clock, with the dawn chorus signalling the start of the day, so it stimulates us cognitively."

Experts now claim birdsong has a positive effect on humans for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it doesn't follow any repetitive pattern. Most bird noises are made up of random sounds with no repeating rhythm. They don't get stuck in your head like a pop song, and they're unlikely to become boring. There may also be an element of folk memory - humans have evolved to know everything is okay when the birds are singing. In ancient times, people knew that birds disappeared whenever bad weather or disasters were on the horizon.

So, the next time you have trouble unwinding or getting to sleep, make sure you try birdsong before taking any medication. It could help you to forget about the day's troubles and sink deep into your unconscious mind. Poets and lyricists have been fascinated with birdsong for many years and that is because birdsong DOES have a positive effect on the human psyche.

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