About Sounds Natural

Hello, I’m Ken Jackson can I welcome you to Sounds Natural. I used the experience of my BBC World Service – and other BBC work, especially with Radio Oxford – from 1970-1990 to record and produce our library of compact discs.  We can provide you with some mellow analogue nature-themed productions covering a variety of birdsong, wildlife, literature, art and countryside CDs.

Everyone can enjoy the CD’s natural sounds either on their own, or in the company of a variety of wildlife experts to identify them in a diverse range of habitats – gardens, woodlands, moorlands, forests and seaside. Among the productions are also countryside poetry titles, a series set around Burford in the Cotswolds, a twin CD dramatisation of ‘The Wind in the Willows’, two Scottish art productions and an anthology of whisky. The majority of the wildlife CD’s are recorded in Scotland, but England, Wales and Kenya, are not forgotten.

If you are looking for help with bird song identification, or wanting to listen to birds and other natural sounds on their own, then we would be pleased to help you find what you need contact Sounds Natural here. Listening to our nature productions you are taken out into an extensive range of habitats, sometimes to learn from experts about a big variety of birds’ songs and calls, and with other productions, to share in wildlife sounds and situations on their own with no narration. To find out about our catalogue titles and how to buy copies click here.

Choose from Sounds Natural’s 50 audio CD unique nature production library, created from Ken Jackson’s 40 years experience as a natural history specialist. Including 30 years of working as presenter and producer for BBC Radio, especially as the presenter for BBC World Service’s Nature Notebook and Nature Now.

Our productions fit into four groups of CD productions made up from analogue recordings:

  1. Birdsong and other natural sounds on their own. We have 14 titles which feature wildlife and natural sounds on their own with no identifying commentary – Spring Garden Birds, Summer Garden Birds, Woodland Sounds, Dawn Birdsong, Upland Sounds, The Sound of the Sea, The Sound of the Sea with Shore Birds, The Sound of Muck – the island, Sea and Shore Birds Only, Wildfowl Talking, Wild Geese and Swan talk, Wind in Aspen Leaves, Heavy Rain with Song Thrush and East African Sounds.
  2. Recordings made out and about with experts to identify what species are singing or calling.  Cover 15 CD titles of birdsong identification productions – among which are a trilogy of bird identification CDs with long bands of each of 50 species covered and a minimum of identifying commentary – Beginning Birdsong, Continuing Birdsong and Confusing Pairs of Birdsong. Apart from that trilogy, the audio CD bird identification library contains eight Scottish titles at the present – A Night Out with the Birds – on the Ythan estuary, Ayrshire Woodland Birds, Ayrshire Shore Birds, Ayrshire and Galloway Upland Forest Birds, A Wild Goose Chase in Galloway, Ayrshire & Galloway Moorland Birds, Ayrshire and Galloway Bird Table Talk, and The Galloway Kite Trail – an audioguide.
  3. Heritage and literary titles concerned with the countryside. The general countryside productions are all connected with nature and the heritage of the countryside. Among these are a dramatisation on two CDs of The Wind in the Willows, The Water of Life – an anthology of Whisky and three poetry CDs. We also have two DVDs – Highland Harmonies and The Woodman and the Wild.
  4. Audio visual productions. Also an extensive history of on-site heritage audio tours including 33 audio tours for the Royal Yacht Britannia in 29 languages.