A Wildfowl Walkabout at Slimbridge


An exploration of the wildfowl walkabout trail at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust’s centre at Slimbridge, in the company of Tony Richardson and Dave Paynter. The 34 species to be heard and heard about are: eider, american and european wigeon, gadwell, teal, mandarin; bar-headed, red-breasted, barnacle, brent, greylag, ne-ne, greenland, european and lesser white-fronted geese; whistling, trumpeter, black and Bewick swans; magpie and cereopsis geese; Andean, James’, Chilean, greater and lesser flamingos; ruddy shelduck, canvasback, white-headed, ruddy and white-faced whistling ducks; rook, peregrine and kingfisher.

SN 898


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